During your first fitting our team will work with you to understand your unique requirements and create the perfect suit. During this fitting you will be:

  • Guided through a range of over 3,000 fabrics from the UK and Italy.
  • Carefully measured via tape measurements to correctly ascertain proportion, posture and balance.
  • Shown different design options (lapels, pockets, buttons, etc.) and recommended the right style for your purposes.

All the while relaxing in the comfort of leather armchairs with a drink in hand. Allow 4 weeks, from first fitting to walking out with your completed suit.


Once your first fitting is complete we begin construction of your individual garment. This is done with:

  • Leading made-to-measure technology resulting in an incredibly precise fit.
  • Exceptional construction techniques and internals.


Once your garment is constructed, you will be invited back to the showroom to finalize the fit. This fitting involves:

  • Trying on the garment with our fitter going over the suit top-to-bottom with you.
  • If the suit requires any adjustments, these will be completed, in-house, by our team of tailors, overseen by our bespoke head tailors.

Following the completion of these adjustments, we will invite you back to the showroom for the final time (1 week after the previous fitting) to make sure that the suit is absolutely perfect.


Any IL SARTO garment is made to be enjoyed, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you.